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Training to measure and model antennas

NPL delivered a training course to ISSL (Integrated Surveillance Systems Limited), a company that specialises in surveillance and monitoring systems, sensors and software for defence and commercial applications. The course was set up using the Technology Innovation Fund and utilised NPL's significant expertise and experience in calibrating a wide variety of antenna types.

The NPL ferrite tiled anechoic chamber, where antennas are tested
The NPL ferrite tiled anechoic chamber, where antennas
are tested

Members of ISSL staff attended training sessions based on site at NPL to improve their understanding of antenna testing techniques, both in near and far fields. NPL delivered custom training materials based on ISSL's requirements on the calibration of very high frequency (VHF) and ultra high frequency (UHF) dipole antennas and spiral antennas that included visits to the anechoic chambers and dielectrics measurement laboratory. The use of the Numerical Electromagnetics Code (NEC) computer modelling software and NPL 'method of moments' software was suggested for analysing antenna performance near to the ground.

NPL's Martin Alexander, who delivered the training, said:

"The need to measure near-field properties of antennas was an interesting variation on the antenna types we usually calibrate and will enhance the portfolio of calibrations that we can offer to customers."

ISSL expressed an interest in using NPL's antenna calibration and dielectric measurement services in the future. Maurice Husband, Managing Director of ISSL, said:

"It has been a very worthwhile exercise to understand and evaluate the techniques employed to measure and certificate dielectrics and antennas. It has also provided a useful contact for future work and product development."

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Last Updated: 15 Oct 2013
Created: 24 Jan 2012


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