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The building blocks of innovation

Nesta, the innovation foundation, has published a report entitled: 'Infratechnologies: The building blocks of innovation-based industrial competitiveness'. The report outlines how infrastructure technologies, or infratechnologies, are vital for a technology-based industrial strategy.

Infratechnologies: The building blocks of innovation-based industrial competitiveness

Infratechnologies include measurement and test methods, data and models, standards, certification and demonstrations of technical feasibility. These technologies, and the organisations that support them such as the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), connect scientific research to businesses, and businesses to each other. They form the basis of a successful innovation system that helps knowledge flow across the economy, between researchers, businesses, and government.

NPL's services ensure that innovative products are developed for the benefit of the UK economy. This is particularly important for fast-moving sectors such as nanotechnologies, telecommunications and low carbon technologies, which require a pool of supporting technological knowledge to successfully develop and grow. The Nesta report aims to be a first step in the process of raising awareness of the role of such services to audiences who could benefit from them, especially smaller businesses.

Read the Infratechnologies report

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Last Updated: 1 Jul 2013
Created: 20 Feb 2013


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