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The 2018 NPL Water Rocket Challenge – unleash your inner rocket scientist!

Teams will compete at the event to build the best rocket powered by just water and air pressure

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in south-west London will be hosting its 19th annual Water Rocket Challenge on Wednesday 20 June, where teams of all ages and abilities, from school children to corporate executives, will compete to build the best performing rockets.

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Running since 1999, the Challenge is open to all and welcomes spectators. Every year, NPL hosts students from many schools, who come forward and compete for the title of the best school-made water rocket. Teams of up to six create a rocket, powered by just water and air pressure and are scored based on how long their rocket is in the air, plus bonus seconds gained from landing in target zones.

As usual, the Water Rocket Challenge is open to all schools and the general public. However, this year, for the first time ever, we are expanding the fun to businesses with our Company Challenge. Company teams will have 90 minutes to open a box and follow enclosed instructions to create a rocket, and will then compete in the Main Challenge against each other, with an award going to the winning team.

Mary Harrison, Head of Marketing at NPL, said:

"The Water Rocket Challenge is a great opportunity for everyone to learn more about the fundamental forces that keep planes in the sky. This has proven an extremely engaging activity for school children, the general public and we're excited this year to be opening up the evening session to teams from industry too.

"In the evening we run workshops which are open to all amateur rocket scientists wanting to join in the fun and build their own rocket. NPL Science Ambassadors are on hand to assist the making of the water rockets before launching them.

"Our understanding of aerodynamics has helped us break land-speed records, conduct international flights, and explore the solar system. Now, anyone who wishes to will have to opportunity to show off their skills at this fun, family-friendly event hosted at the home of major innovations like radar, atomic clock and computer network packet switching.

"Places are limited, so make sure you sign up as soon as possible."

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