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Supporting growth in Earth Observation services

The Centre for Carbon Measurement at NPL, supported by the UK Space Agency, is hosting the global secretariat for the international Quality Assurance Framework for Earth Observation (QA4EO). This will support growth in Earth Observation and climate services.

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Modern society is increasingly dependent on data from satellites for information and services, and it is important the data is reliable and readily available to those who need it. The Quality Assurance Framework for Earth Observation will ensure consistency and credibility in Earth Observation satellite data by assigning it quality indicators. The Centre for Carbon Measurement at NPL, supported by the National Measurement System (NMS) and the UK Space Agency, will support the framework, by providing the international secretariat, managing its administration and website and promoting and encouraging wider international adoption. In hosting this secretariat the UK is building on its reputation for providing trusted earth observations for global applications.

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No single nation or organisation can currently guarantee the supply of all the necessary data to meet society's needs. Difficulties arise when complex information products require the combination of different data sources: different sensor types and observing platforms such as satellite, aircraft or ground. The vision of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) is to establish a Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), where the international community coordinate and collaborate to make information available whenever and wherever it is needed.

To achieve this goal, they established a framework to facilitate interoperability, increase access to quality data and enable users to interpret the suitability of data at face value, through the use of consistent quality indicators. By assigning these quality indicators to the data, the Quality Assurance Framework for Earth Observations will be invaluable to data collectors, climate modellers and policy makers for interpreting results and forecasts.

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More on NPL's work in Earth Observation and climate change

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For more information please contact: Nigel Fox, Centre for Carbon Measurement - Theme Leader | Climate Data
Sue Oakley, Operations Manager, Centre for Carbon Measurement

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