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Reliable Thermal Conductivity Measurements at High Temperatures

Power plants are increasing operational temperatures to achieve higher efficiency. However, they do not have reliable thermal performance design data for safety critical structures. This is because most of the industrial companies and research institutes are using Laser-Flash techniques to characterise thermal properties of materials, and they currently do not have adequate reference materials to check the calibrations of their apparatus.

Thanks to the newly developed thermal conductivity reference materials at NPL, users of laser-flash techniques are now able to have more confidence in their measurement results. These reference materials include: Pure Iron, 304 Stainless Steel and Inconel 600. They can provide traceability for thermal conductivity from 13 W/m·K to 64 W/m·K covering temperatures up to 500 °C. NPL characterised these new stocks of thermal conductivity reference materials, and they were UKAS accredited under ISO Guide 34.

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Last Updated: 19 Oct 2015
Created: 1 Feb 2011


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