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Putting ropes to the test in Portugal

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has calibrated a 12 MN rope test machine for Lankhorst Euronete Portugal

Lankhorst Testing Facility in Maia, Portugal
Lankhorst Testing Facility in Maia, Portugal

Lankhorst is a developer and manufacturer of synthetic fibre ropes and steel wire ropes, and is the leading supplier in many maritime, offshore and heavy lifting markets throughout the world. Calibration engineers from NPL's Mass & Force team visited Lankhorst's factory in Maia, Portugal, to calibrate a deep-water rope test machine, capable of testing 26 m rope samples with loads of up to 12 MN.

The machine allows new materials and rope constructions to be assessed for their tensile strength, elongation, stiffness and fatigue behaviour in accordance with various industry standards. In addition, the machine is capable of simulating the effects of storms, hurricanes and loop current events, enabling the material and construction of a rope to be tailored to its intended mooring environment.

NPL is one of only a few laboratories in Europe capable of calibrating the 12 MN tension machine, due to the range of tensions it produces. In 2013, the machine was moved to Maia from Lankhorst's factory in Matosinhos, and NPL recalibrated the system after installation at its new location. As part of NPL's most recent visit, the machine was calibrated to standard BS EN ISO 7500:2004 and its classification was improved.

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Last Updated: 9 Feb 2015
Created: 9 Feb 2015


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