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NPL work supports Queen's Award for Enterprise winner

NGF EUROPE Limited has won the Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation 2014 for its Glass Cord technology. National Physical Laboratory (NPL) assessments have aided the innovative process, which produces materials used to reinforce automotive timing belts.

NPL's work on automotive materials has led to huge reductions in CO<sub>2</sub> emissions and fuel consumption (image courtesy of iStockphoto)
Image courtesy of iStockphoto

The Queen's Award is testament to the professionalism and continual commitment of NGF EUROPE to respond innovatively to their customer demands and expectations, and NPL is proud to be associated with the company.

The award recognises the design and manufacture of small diameter glass filaments which, when coated in rubber latex in a novel chemical dipping process, are uniquely oil resistant and capable of producing cords to reinforce timing belts. In particular, the Innovation award acknowledged the development and commercialisation of glass cords to last the lifetime of a car engine, to reinforce both timing belts running inside the engine in oil, and running in air. NGF EUROPE supplies glass cord to timing belt manufacturers in all the major car manufacturing countries worldwide.

In 2002, NPL carried out a nano-indentation study to assess the technology and, specifically, the adhesive interface between the glass fibre cord and the rubber. The results from this study led to an improvement in the adhesion process, which has since been used by NGF EUROPE on timing belts fitted around the world.

The use of timing belts, rather than timing chains, improves engine efficiency by over 1%, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and lower fuel bills for drivers.

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Created: 30 Apr 2014


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