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NPL wins CITAC Award

Paul Brewer's publication on NPL's silver/silver chloride reference electrode work has won the Cooperation on International Traceability in Analytical Chemistry (CITAC) Best Paper in Metrology in Chemistry Award for 2012. This award is made annually to 'highlight remarkable papers in the field of Metrology in Chemistry because of their important scientific content.'

Paul Brewer: Dynamic standards and electrochemistry
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The paper, 'An improved approach for fabricating Ag/AgCl reference electrodes', describes a novel 'soft anodisation' method for fabricating these reference electrodes which results in superior repeatability.

The performance and stability of silver/silver chloride electrodes define the accuracy with which measurements of pH can be realised using the primary 'Harned Cell' method. NPL is the world leader in developing ultra-stable Ag/AgCl electrodes to meet this requirement and contributes strongly to the CCQM Electrochemical Analysis Working Group on this topic.

This is the second time in five years that NPL's Analytical Science Division has won this prestigious award. In 2008, Andrew Brown and Richard Brown won for their paper 'Establishing SI traceability for measurements of mercury vapour', which for the first time described work that provided traceability for the measurement of mercury vapour to the SI system of units.

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