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NPL trains European space scientists

Two NPL temperature scientists, Michael de Podesta and Jonathan Pearce, recently delivered a two-day training course on temperature measurement to 25 scientists and engineers at the European Space Agency (ESA) in Noordwijk, Holland.

Rocket booster (image courtesy of iStockphoto)
(Image courtesy of iStockphoto)

The course consisted of seven sessions covering basic concepts, thermocouples, and both contact and non-contact sensors. The NPL duo shared experiences of the measurement problems they, and their colleagues in the NPL Temperature team, have faced and how these might relate to similar challenges faced by ESA engineers and scientists across materials processing, aerospace and space applications.

The NPL temperature team has vast experience in solving many types of temperature measurement challenges in a variety of environments and carries out world leading research and development into innovations such as driftless or self-calibrating high temperature sensors.

NPL has also delivered a similar course to NASA engineers and scientists.

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NPL also carries out other work for the European Space Agency (ESA). Recent projects include identifying nanomaterials to be used in space and making traceable earth observations from satellites

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For further information, please contact Michael de Podesta or Jonathan Pearce

Last Updated: 11 Dec 2017
Created: 20 Nov 2012


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