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NPL shows support for International Women in Engineering Day 2018

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is showing support for International Women in Engineering Day 2018 (INWED) by #RaisingTheBar to promote gender diversity and equality in the workplace.

INWED 23 June 2018 logo

INWED, was first launched in 2014 by Women's Engineering Society (WES), a charity which has been supporting diversity in engineering since 1919.

Since then, INWED, which takes place annually on 23 June, has gone from strength to strength, celebrating the outstanding achievements of women in engineering throughout the world and highlighting the amazing career opportunities available to girls in the industry.

NPL supports the brilliant work of INWED in raising awareness of women in engineering and remoting diversity in the workplace.

There is an underrepresentation women in STEM careers across the UK as a whole. We are working hard to attract, develop and engage women, and to raise awareness of, and tackle, unconscious bias.

This year, as part of NPL's commitment to support and drive the growth of a more diverse and inclusive workforce, we appointed Claire Santelli, our Diversity and Inclusion Manager to bring together and build upon existing projects and networks, and to create a brand new Diversity and Inclusion strategy at NPL.

Claire, said:

"As the National Measurement Institute for the UK, NPL has an important role to play in helping to rebalance the gender inequality in STEM.

"By raising awareness through campaigns like INWED and building upon our current initiatives to attract, engage and develop women at NPL, we will ensure a diverse and inclusive environment and culture where every employee feels valued and is able to excel in their chosen field."

NPL also supports the Daphne Jackson Fellowship programme, to support and mentor women researchers back into their STEM careers after breaks, this will be extended at NPL to support even more women returners in 2018.

Our Outreach programme to support the STEM agenda continues to inspire future scientists, particularly females, early in their education, and has seen us interact with around 280,000 students since its launch more than a decade ago.

Since 2013, through our Apprenticeship programme, we have welcomed 74 talented apprentices, with gender split of 34 females and 40 males, into our workforce. We will continue our commitment to promote excellence in science and engineering that delivers extraordinary impact, through a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment and culture, at all levels of the organisation.

Peter Thompson, CEO, NPL, said:

"At NPL we are proud of having a diverse workforce made up of talented individuals of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

"NPL flourishes on the diversity of its people, who we nurture and respect. This is a value which is at the core of our organisation.

"I applaud the work that INWED is doing to celebrate the incredible achievements of women in engineering across the world, and we are absolutely with them.

"We are also working in-house to drive the growth of a more diverse and inclusive working environment for all our people."

This year INWED will be running with the theme of #RaisingTheBar, find out more and learn how you can get involved.

Find out more about diversity, equality and inclusion at NPL and hear from some of our women working in science, engineering and technology.

NPL is also flying the Rainbow Flag in celebration of LGBT+ Pride month.

Last Updated: 25 Jun 2018
Created: 21 Jun 2018


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