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NPL re-launches the National Corrosion Service

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has re-launched the National Corrosion Service (NCS), which provides a Gateway to Expertise on many aspects of materials degradation. Due to its major impact on the economy, corrosion continues to figure prominently in the remit of this service.


The name may have reverted, but the expert advice and assistance can still be accessed by numerous methods:

  1. By visiting the NCS website, you can find NPL's popular Corrosion Guides, as well as publications on:
      -  Adhesives
      -  Hard metals and ceramics
      -  Metal and alloys
      -  Joined systems
      -  Polymer matrix composites
      -  Polymers, including PEM fuel cells

  2. You can email your requests to and a dedicated specialist, in conjunction with NPL's experts, will evaluate and answer your corrosion question.

  3. You can phone 020 8943 6142 and speak to a consultant directly. With three decades of experience, the specialist is likely to be able to answer your question very quickly.

For more challenging issues the NCS pundit can draw from the wealth of knowledge of the experts at NPL, and other sources, on problems resulting from a wide range of deterioration mechanisms, including the effects of wear, fatigue and high temperature exposure, and other processes specific to polymers, composites and ceramics.

This personal service is free to UK residents and companies, but charges may be incurred if the question requires an intensive investment of time by the specialists.

Find out more about the National Corrosion Service

For further details, please contact Peter Morgan on 020 8943 6142 or Alan Turnbull

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Last Updated: 9 Oct 2014
Created: 25 Jun 2014


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