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NPL joins the European Energy Research Alliance

NPL has joined the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and will contribute to world-class research on solar energy technology.

European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) logo
EERA pools resources from across Europe to
help develop next-generation energy technologies
(image courtesy of EERA)

EERA aims to accelerate the development of new energy technologies by creating Joint Research Programmes to pool resources and support the European Commission's Strategic Energy Technology plan.

NPL materials scientists will contribute to the Joint Programme on Photovoltaic Solar Energy, which aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of research in photovoltaic technologies.

NPL's focus will be on next-generation organic photovoltaics that use carbon-based electronics to provide more flexible and cost-effective alternatives to current systems. The programme covers relevant research aspects including cost reduction, efficiency improvement and increase in lifetime and reliability.

Membership of EERA puts NPL in close connection with other key players in photovoltaics research and will increase NPL's role in the development of new energy technologies such as organic photovoltaics.

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Last Updated: 29 Apr 2015
Created: 2 Nov 2011


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