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NPL installs atomic force microscope at NPL India

The NPL team at NPL India
The NPL team at NPL India

Scientists from the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have installed a metrological atomic force microscope (MAFM), capable of making traceable dimensional measurements at the nanoscale, at the National Physical Laboratory of India (NPLI).

The installation, completed by NPL scientists Jason O'Neill, Andrew Yacoot and Simon Reilly, was the culmination of a three-year project to build, design and install the instrument at the facility in New Delhi.

Atomic force microscopy is a powerful technique used to generate topographic images of a surface at atomic resolution. The MAFM gathers information by scanning the surface with a sharp tip, and can provide details of the sample's nanoscale chemical, mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties.

NPL's expertise in atomic force microscopy led to the design of an MAFM which performed well after installation, beating the specified uncertainties by an order of magnitude.

Exploitation of nanotechnology depends upon the reliable and accurate measurement of nanoscale properties, and the instrument will enable NPLI to take part in international comparisons of AFM measurement.

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Last Updated: 15 Sep 2016
Created: 3 Nov 2014


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