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NPL brings academic and industrial community together to tackle reduction in methane emissions

The Industrial Methane Measurement Conference 2017, chaired by National Physical Laboratory (NPL), brought together over 100 industrial stakeholders, academics and regulators to discuss challenges to measure and reduce industrial methane emissions.

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Held on 29 and 30 November 2017 at the PEFTEC international exhibition in Antwerp, Belgium, the conference provided a timely opportunity for delegates to compare capabilities and review emerging technologies for monitoring methane.

NPL's Rod Robinson, Principal Research Scientist, chaired the two-day event which featured over 30 talks on the following key themes:

  • Current understanding of methane emissions and regulation
  • Current capabilities for monitoring methane and case study examples
  • Validation of new technologies
  • Instrument and technologies showcase
  • Emerging technologies for monitoring methane

Three keynote speeches framed the conference sessions across both days:

Baroness Worthington, Executive Director of the Environmental Defense Fund (Europe), highlighted the significant impact the oil and gas industry has on generating methane emissions globally, and the cost-beneficial methods available to reduce emissions.

GĂ©rard Moutet, Executive Committee Chairman of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, overviewed their work on accelerating mitigation of methane emissions and looked ahead to future steps to be taken.

Adam Brandt, Assistant Professor at Stanford University, discussed the academic perspective on the rate of rising emissions, and the current progress and challenges in academia to accurately quantify emissions.

Rod Robinson, said: "It can be challenging for industry to keep pace with evolving regulations and the increasingly sophisticated techniques available to monitor methane emissions.

"That's why events, such as the Industrial Methane Measurement Conference are so important. They ensure that industrial stakeholders, academics and regulators stay ahead of the latest challenges and technologies for monitoring and reducing industrial methane emissions.

"Methane is a potent greenhouse gas and has a significant impact on global climate change. It's vital that methane emissions are reduced, facilitated by accurate and reliable measurements."

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