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NPL at the second National Quantum Technologies Showcase

The publication of the Quantum technologies: Blackett review, The Quantum Age: technological opportunities, at the second National Quantum Technologies Showcase, was an opportunity for the organisations involved, including the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), to display the world-leading research and technological development that they have been undertaking.

As a partner in the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme, NPL is applying its capabilities to help the UK become the world leader in the development and commercialisation of quantum technologies. NPL's Quantum Metrology Institute (QMI) put on a number of displays at the Showcase, ranging from miniature atomic clocks to the table-top quantum Hall system. These potential new products and services will have an impact in areas as wide ranging as communications, healthcare, and quantum computing.

A number of successful bids for funding from the Quantum Technologies Innovation Fund were announced on the day, including a project led by technology company e2v, to further develop and commercialise the NPL MINAC Miniature Atomic Clock. The compact nature of this clock will allow for stable and accurate timescales to be held locally across the world, reducing the problems of potential interference and disruption to GPS/GNSS timescales.

The Blackett review was developed by Sir Mark Walport, the Government Chief Scientific Adviser, and Sir Peter Knight, the Chair of the QMI. The report puts forward 11 recommendations to help make the most of recent investments, many of which highlight the need for the QMI's expertise in metrology and standards to encourage the development of quantum technologies in the UK.

One of these recommendations is for the continuation of the Programme, which is already half way through its first five-year phase and will result in an investment of over £270 million. The report recommends that continuation of the programme to a second phase should involve matched industry investment to ensure commitment and provide a coherent pathway to commercialisation.

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Last Updated: 9 Nov 2016
Created: 9 Nov 2016


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