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New Director of Research

Dr Jan-Theodoor (JT) Janssen has been appointed as NPL's new Director of Research, recruited to play an integral role within NPL's Executive team and helping to shape and deliver NPL's strategic offering.

JT Janssen

JT will be the champion and face of NPL's science and engineering externally and interact closely with a broad range of stakeholders in government, academia and other National Measurement Institutes. Within NPL, JT will champion the importance of excellence in science and engineering and ensure the highest standards of world-leading scientific research are reached and the greatest impact from science is achieved.

JT's research interest is focused around low temperature solid-state physics and, in particular, quantum electrical effects with application in metrology. JT joined NPL in 1998, where he was responsible for the research on quantum electrical standards and in 2006, he was promoted to NPL Fellow.

In 2015, JT launched the National Graphene Metrology Centre (NGMC), whose role it is to develop metrology and standardisation for the emerging graphene industry. JT is also a Scientific Co-Director of the Quantum Metrology Institute (QMI), which covers all of NPL's leading-edge quantum science and metrology research and provides the expertise and facilities needed for academia and industry to test, validate and ultimately commercialise new quantum research and technologies.

Contact: JT Janssen

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Last Updated: 9 Feb 2017
Created: 9 Feb 2017


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