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National Measurement System: Annual Review 2016 to 2017

The National Measurement System's annual highlights report has been published. The report provides a snapshot of the achievements and the impact of the NMS, and demonstrates how measurement plays a vital role in all aspects of our lives.

National Measurement System: Annual Highlights 2016/17

Every time you use your GPS, put petrol in your car, or receive a medical diagnosis, you are putting your trust in measurements that are underpinned by a system that ensures they are both reliable and internationally recognised.

The Government invests approximately £65M every year in our measurement infrastructure, and it provides important support for evidence-based policy and regulation.

The report highlights:

  • NMS collaboration, with 445 active academic partnerships delivering key priorities across key sectors, including: advanced manufacturing; energy and environment; life sciences and health; and digital.
  • Measurement enables trade, and the NMS provides vital support to industry. In 2016/17 the NMS offered 437 different measurement services to over 731 different customers across the UK.
  • The reach of the NMS is nationwide, and has a significant pool of knowledge that is shared through products, services, reference materials, event best practice guides and online resources.
  • The NMS is providing important skills capabilities for now and in the future, by running a broad range of¬†specialist training programmes and offering a trailblazer apprenticeship standard for metrology technicians. In 2016/17, 1,189 people have been trained across 57 training courses.
  • Important work has started in identifying the most pressing industry challenges in the quality, reliability and integrity of data.

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Last Updated: 11 Oct 2017
Created: 9 Oct 2017


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