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The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has just launched a new e-Learning course, Introduction to Metrology, which will make a range of measurement expertise available to trainees through their computers, tablets and smartphones.


NPL is uniquely positioned as a world-leading centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate measurement standards, science and technology, and has a track record of delivering on-site measurement training with real business impact.

The e-Learning courses are made up of a series of video modules with printable slides, self-paced exercises and a selection of additional content. The courses are accessible across multiple devices, allowing trainees to get training on demand and at their own convenience.

Compared to traditional training, e-Learning is much more flexible, allowing trainees to take easily-digestible courses in their own time and at their own pace.

The first e-Learning course, Introduction to Metrology, is aimed at a broad audience, from professionals working in inspection departments or on the manufacturing shop floor, to students, apprentices and management.

It will introduce trainees to metrology, the science of measurement, and explore its value for industry, the economy, science and society. Once the background complexity of each measurement is uncovered, the course introduces practical guidelines, critical for successful everyday measurements.

André Silva, e-Learning specialist at NPL Training, said: "NPL scientists are innovating and developing state-of-the-art measurement techniques every day. These new e-Learning courses are an opportunity for those who study or work in roles that involve measurement to gain access to this knowledge and use it to improve their understanding, efficiency and productivity."

NPL will be expanding its e-Learning offering with a second course, 'Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty', planned for release in early 2014. The e-Learning programme will complement NPL's existing training resources, enabling trainees to choose to partake in tutored courses, self-paced courses, or a blend of both, benefiting from face-to-face teaching and hands-on experience, as well as online lessons when they want them.

One of NPL's core roles is to disseminate knowledge and increase global measurement skills and competence. It is the first national measurement institute to offer e-Learning optimised for laptops, tablets and smartphones, and, in doing so, provides trainees with access to its vast measurement expertise anytime, anywhere. NPL's e-Learning programme will enable NPL to transfer state-of-the-art expertise to a worldwide audience and provide the right tools to empower trainees and employees alike, and help train the next generation of skilled measurement scientists.

Suzanne Wells, NPL Training Operations Manager, said: "This is an exciting new venture for NPL, which will help spread knowledge around the world to increase global measurement skills and competence. The new content will help learners to improve their measurement awareness and will have a positive impact on corporate measurement capability and generate a return on training investment."

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Last Updated: 23 Feb 2017
Created: 3 Dec 2013


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