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Launch of the seventh call for proposals to EUMINAfab

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EUMINAfab Specific Call: Open 1 August - 31 October 2012

EUMINAfab is a European Research Infrastructure for micro-nano fabrication of functional structures and devices out of a knowledge-based multimaterials' repertoire.

Specific Call Micro nano technologies are key technologies relevant to a broad range of application areas in the areas of health, energy, ICT, characterisation and metrology, optics and photonics. Additionally, requests for access to one or more of EUMINAfab's installations can be made via the Standard Call.

Details are available and applications can be made via the form on the EUMINAfab web portal.

The project funding includes coverage of the access costs for users. Users from research organisations and, in particular, SMEs from European member and associated states are welcome to apply, even travel costs can be covered.

The niche of EUMINAfab is to work with its users towards their predefined goal in what can be regarded as unique mini-collaborative projects. As such, new experimental structures can be achieved. New materials or specifications can be explored and 'one off' or small series replication of objects required for specific, often investigative scientific or technological, purposes can be made. The possibilities are almost without limit.

Our technology portfolio exploits a unique set of MNT for functional materials in dimensions ranging from atomic resolution, nano and micro scale features to substrate formats up to 300 mm. It is designed to comprise technologies and installations close to IC technologies, over non-Silicon MNT towards organic and biological nanotechnologies.

Recently, changes to the Consortium have enabled EUMINAfab to broaden its portfolio. Full details of the capabilities can be found here. As such, EUMINAfab has strengthened capabilities, particularly in the nano scale lithographic methods, in the area of optics and photonics and clean room technologies.

So far, more than 80 users from European academia and industry (16%) are benefiting from open access to EUMINAfab's facilities on a no-fee basis. User projects typically require 5-20 days access to our installations; so far, 3,400 access units corresponding to a total value of approximately 1,400,000 euro has been allocated to successful applicants.

Further information can also be made by contacting:
Project Co-ordinator Susan Anson (E:  |  T: +49 (0) 721 608 2 8103)
User office: Thomas Schaller (E:

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For more information on technologies available and contact details, please visit the EUMINAfab website.

EUMINAfab GA FP7-226460 is funded under the FP7 Capacities Specific Programme.

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