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LaserTRACER - handover to Mantech Geometrics Ltd

Over the past three years, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has been working with Etalon AG to help promote the LaserTRACER™ measurement system within the UK.


LaserTRACER™ is based on technology that was jointly developed by NPL and PTB some years ago to address demand for a radical improvement in the speed and accuracy of CMM and machine tool calibrations and performance verification measurements.

Following the introduction of the commercially available version of the system onto the market by Etalon, NPL has played an active role in raising awareness of both the availability and benefits of this new technology throughout the UK. This has now reached a level where NPL is able to hand over this role to Mantech Geometrics Ltd, an established commercial player in the machine tool and associated metrology market.

NPL will continue to work with Mantech Geometrics and end-users of the system to ensure the widest possible adoption of best measurement practice based on the LaserTRACER™ technology. It will also continue to deploy its own LaserTRACER™ system as part of a suite of leading-edge technologies that it uses to deliver state of the art measurement solutions to UK industry.

In addition, NPL will continue to assess LaserTRACER™ as part of its own research and development programme with a view to developing further performance enhancements and measurement techniques based on the underlying LaserTRACER™ technology.

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Last Updated: 12 Apr 2012
Created: 18 Jan 2011


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