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Joint winners of the NPL Science Poster Fair

This year the prize for the best poster at the annual NPL Science Poster Fair was shared by two posters - one on dSTORM, super-resolution microscopy and the other on dye screening to expand commercialisation of solar cells:

NPL Science Poster Fair

STORM-ing through the diffraction limit
Daniel Metcalf

Dye Screening on TiO2 Surfaces Using Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
William Kylberg, Andrew J Wain and Fernando A Castro

The NPL Science Poster Fair is an annual event which highlights the best of NPL's scientific posters produced in the last year. The standard of posters was once again consistently high, both in the nature of the research and how it was presented, making it a very difficult decision for the NPL judges. The winning posters both had a combination of great science and excellent use of the poster format to present the research.

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Last Updated: 30 Oct 2012
Created: 30 Oct 2012


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