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Industrial insulation measurements to meet European standards

European product standards for industrial insulation will be issued sometime in 2008/2009 and will require the thermal resistance of these products to be provided as part of a CE mark. However, only very few measurement facilities are currently available at either cryogenic or elevated temperatures. After more than a decade of development, NPL will soon be able to provide measurements of thermal resistance/conductivity covering the temperature range required by these standards (-170 °C to 800 °C).

Following the implementation of mandatory requirements for declaring thermal performance values of insulation used in buildings, manufacturers of insulation for industrial applications will also soon face a mandatory CE (European Conformity) mark requirement for their products for sale or export within Europe. The types of product included in these new standards will include insulation used in furnaces, steam pipes, cryogenic storage and industrial plant processes. The CE mark indicates that a product conforms to legally required minimum safety characteristics, and that the product standards will include definitions of how thermal performance data should be measured by an independent, notified body.

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Last Updated: 19 Oct 2015
Created: 1 Feb 2011


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