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First meeting of the NPL Science and Technology Advisory Council

The first meeting of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC) was held on Wednesday 13 May 2015.

Members of the STAC meet at NPL
Members of the STAC meet at NPL

The Council was recently formed to provide independent strategic advice, challenge and support to NPL, particularly on the quality, international standing and industrial relevance of NPL's science and technology.

The Council consists of a cross-section of senior representatives of the community of measurement stakeholders, including industry, academia, other National Measurement Institutes (NMIs), government departments, national and international Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) and learned institutions, all of whom have a high level strategic appreciation of the importance of metrology in their sector. The Members are appointed by the NPL Board.

The Council will be commissioning appropriate independent reviews of NPL, notably to assess the quality of science against international benchmarks. The Council also has responsibility to provide advice on the strategy for the UK's National Measurement System and will be working with NPL and the UK's Designated Measurement Institutions in order to fulfil this role.

During the meeting, Council Members took time to discuss several areas of technical work being undertaken at NPL at a poster presentation hosted by NPL scientists and NPL Fellows.

The meetings will be held twice a year, with sub-groups of the Council performing more detailed work throughout the year.

Professor Paul Howarth, NPL Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Council, said:

"This is a golden opportunity for NPL now and into the future."

Professor Jason Crain, NPL's Director of Research, said:

"This is arguably the first time in NPL's history that we are in a position to benefit from the level of challenge, guidance and advocacy offered by such eminent leaders in industry, academia and other NMIs."

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Last Updated: 1 Sep 2016
Created: 2 Jun 2015


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