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NPL's Product Verification Service was highlighted as an essential part of the cutting-edge manufacturing process in the Raconteur supplement that appeared in The Times.

PVP - CW Fletcher and Sons Ltd

Product verification was highlighted as one of the new capabilities that will shape manufacturing for the next two decades. NPL's Product Verification Service helps companies improve product design, reduce waste and promote productivity.

NPL's recent work with Brafe Engineering was featured in The Times. This work has helped the company to establish a series of programmes to improve their systems. Ken Dean, Quality Manager at Brafe Engineering said: "Manufacturers often believe they have everything under control and may even feel they know their own areas of weakness, but bringing in experts from NPL really gives them a chance to examine their operations in detail." He went on to add: "Given the cost associated with the inspection, I would say that NPL's Product Verification Programme pays for itself."

Another company that has recently benefited from NPL's Product Verification Service is CW Fletcher & Sons Ltd, a precision parts manufacturer to the aerospace and nuclear industries. The company was facing significant cost pressure from an increasingly competitive global market. Conscious of the need to increase efficiency and reduce costs, the team at CW Fletcher saw NPL's Product Verification Service, delivered as part of Sharing in Growth, as an offer of valuable support which they otherwise wouldn't have had access to. Following NPL's recommendations - one of which should improve the company's application of measurement techniques to yield attractive savings - the company is working to reduce lead times and increase throughput. John Walker, Engineering Manager at CW Fletcher, said: "Through NPL, we are manufacturing with a higher degree of confidence and increasing efficiency to provide more for our customers for the same cost."

Phil Cooper, NPL's Product Verification Programme Leader said: "Product verification is increasingly important for advanced manufacturers, which need to have complete assurance that manufactured product conforms to the original design specification. Metrology is at the heart of product verification, providing precise data on process variables and product characteristics, and is equally important in supporting product innovation and providing impetus for improvements in manufacturing performance."

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Last Updated: 12 Aug 2016
Created: 26 Feb 2015


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