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EC Orientation papers on Innovation

The European Commission has published a new set of papers on Innovation, produced by the Expert Advisory Group for the Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Productions Technologies (NMP) Programme.

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The set includes a paper on 'Metrology and Standards in Innovation' (Paper IV) by Kamal Hossain, NPL's Director, Research and International, and Rob Aitken, Director of Strategic Consulting at the Institute of Occupational Medicine.

'The NMP Expert Advisory Group Orientation Papers on Industrial Innovation' offers novel insight and practical recommendations, built on the expertise of leading practitioners in its respective field, and stands as an important contribution in its own right. The papers collectively address and enhance the opportunities offered for accelerating innovation in Europe's industrial technology sectors, supporting the central role of innovation in the creation of jobs and wealth.

To support future strategy, the Expert Advisory Group produced five orientation papers to help the Commission assess experience from the NMP fields, with recommendations on how innovation could be better supported in the future. The other papers in the report focused on: 'Interactions between academia and industry'; 'Best practice in innovation'; 'Simplification and SME involvement' and 'Key Enabling Technologies'.

The paper 'Metrology and Standards in Innovation' highlights the development and commercialisation of new products and processes based on advanced and emerging technologies. It shows that the need for metrology and standards to support the rapid development and application of a technology is not addressed in a strategic way. So Europe is missing real opportunities to gain from its strong scientific and technical capabilities in knowledge generation. The paper provides an analysis of the barriers and provides suggestions for overcoming them by treating R&D and standardisation in an integrated way.

For more information, please contact Kamal Hossain.

Last Updated: 14 Aug 2012
Created: 14 Aug 2012


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