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Cleantech Innovate (13 February 2013 at IMechE, London) will provide a platform for inspiring green innovations and technologies shaping our future world.

Low carbon technologies
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Cleantech is the UK's most dynamic and growing sector, worth over £106 billion and one of the few areas of the economy expected to maintain positive growth rates. It is a key employment area, with over 880,000 people currently and an expectation of over one million people employed by the middle of the next decade.

Cleantech Innovate will showcase 40 growth-oriented and venture-ready technology companies presenting live at the largest show of its kind in the UK. Delegates attending will be able to access cutting-edge technologies relevant to the needs of industry and meet corporate decision-makers, finance executives, press, industry analysts and the cleantech entrepreneurs driving this exciting industry forward. Seating is restricted to 200 delegates.

Dr Martyn Sené, Deputy Director and Operations Director at NPL, is part of the Cleantech Innovate Selection Committee. This has been established to help develop the screening criteria for Presenting Technologists and to make final determinations on selection of the 40 Presenting Innovators at the Cleantech Innovate Showcase on 13 February 2013. Entrants will be evaluated on a scoring matrix based on four criteria: impact, innovation, long-term vision and viability. This process ensures that the technologies presenting at Cleantech Innovate are the best in their field. Please note the call for entries to present closes 30 November 2012.

The Centre for Carbon Measurement, based at the National Physical Laboratory, is proud to be a partner for Cleantech Innovate. The Centre has been set up to reduce uncertainties in climate data, provide the robust measurement that is required to account for, price and trade carbon emissions and help develop and accelerate the take up of low carbon technologies.

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