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ALIS (AgriLamp Induction System), created by Greengage Lighting Ltd, branded as 'AgriLamp' received a statement of verification from NPL under the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) pilot scheme in January 2016. This product was designed for use in poultry farming to provide consistent lighting conditions in a spectral band that does not have a negative impact on the birds.

NPL verified that ALIS gives a high luminosity from a low power consumption and is a prime example of a technology that was not represented appropriately in traditional standards. The ETV scheme, however, enabled Greengage Lighting to validate the product performance and show its intended use of helping farmers in reducing their environmental impact.


Azeez Ashiru, Technical Development Engineer at AgriLamp, said: "We wanted to test ALIS within a system that reflected the real situation it would be used in. Existing standards would only be able to compare ALIS to existing, non-agriculture lighting products, rather than recognise its industry-specific key differentiators. Having our light verified by a globally-recognised National Measurement Institute, NPL, through the ETV pilot scheme, gives our customers around the world confidence that our product does what we say it does, and that it is safe and efficient."

The statement and verification report can be read here

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Last Updated: 29 Nov 2017
Created: 29 Nov 2017


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