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Dimensional Measurement Training: Level 2 - Measurement Applier (Hexagon Metrology)

11 February 2019 - 14 February 2019

A four day training course for those who have a good basic understanding of measurement principles gained through the Level 1 training course.

Aims & Objectives

This course provides the underpinning knowledge and expertise for anyone who uses measurement tools or requires an appreciation of the importance of measurement, the principle knowledge and practical training for people who are required to use co-ordinate measurement techniques to complete their daily tasks, and the tools to instil and encourage questioning and planning culture.

The course enables a visible return on investment for a manufacturing organisation in the form of various production cost savings and an upskilled workforce, a reduction in re-work time and waste on the production line - faults and problems will be detected earlier in the production process, and an in-depth appreciation of why measurement is carried out and not simply how.

Level 2 is applicable to all industrial sectors as a stand-alone qualification or as a building block for further NPL Dimensional Measurement Training Levels - 3 & 4.

Course Content:

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Training Provider:

This course is delivered by Hexagon Metrology, NPL Approved Training Provider


Hexagon Metrology, Telford, UK


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Email Tom York


Email Tom York


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