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Airborne Radioactivity Monitoring Users' Group (ARMUG)

The NMS Airborne Radioactivity Monitoring Users' Group (ARMUG) provides a forum for discussion of all aspects of air monitoring for radioactivity, including monitoring for particulate or gaseous radioactivity at environmental, workplace and process control levels. It is also hoped that the group may provide the necessary pool of expertise to enable the preparation of advisory documents such as good practice guides. It is recognised that this group will cover a very diverse range of topics, and it is likely that there may be a need to establish smaller special interest sub-groups.

A more detailed description of the group's aims and activities can be found in the Terms of Reference.


  • British standards for airborne radioactivity Adobe Acrobat PDF file

  • Frequently Asked Questions on Radioactivity-in-Air Monitoring
    NPL, in conjunction with ARMUG members, has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers on the measurement of radioactivity in air which we hope users will find useful.
    We would be grateful for members' feedback on this page, including any suggestions for additional points which should be covered.


AMUG (Air Monitoring Users Group in the US) is a similar group to ARMUG

Report of presentations at AMUG 2012 Adobe Acrobat PDF file   |   Presentations are available here

Next meeting

The next ARMUG meeting will take place on 10-12 November 2015 in conjunction with the Conference on Applied Radiation Metrology (CARM 2015). More details and registration

Previous meetings

Details of the most recent and previous ARMUG meetings are available here

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