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Quality Assurance of Ambient Air Measurements

Local authorities making measurements to meet the requirements of Local Air Quality Management Areas need to demonstrate that the quality of these measurements adhere to Defra's Technical Guidance Document LAQM.TG(09). NPL has established world-leading expertise in the procedures used to assure the quality of all types of environmental gas and particulate measurements.

Quality Assurance of Ambient Air Measurements

The analysers used in monitoring stations require regular calibration and quality control in order to provide reliable and traceable results. Part of these requirements is a thorough QA/QC audit, for which NPL is UKAS-accredited. The audit includes:

  • Site location
  • Suitability of instrumentation
  • Current performance and calibration of instruments
  • Operating practices
  • Data handling
  • Procedures and frequency for calibration
  • Documentation
  • Statistical procedures
  • Compatibility with national network standards

NPL has been involved in the quality control of environmental gas measurements through its work on primary gas standards for nearly 25 years. These primary standards are manufactured at NPL using carefully controlled procedures, and have been compared directly with other national standards laboratories in Europe and the United States.

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