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MCERTS Stack Emissions Monitoring and Consultancy

Accurate monitoring and characterisation of stack emissions is important for regulatory and process control requirements. NPL provides a professional and competitively priced MCERTS/UKAS accredited stack monitoring and compliance testing service utilising industry standard techniques.

Key operational features of the service include:

  • Quantification of emissions in accordance with EPR (formerly IPPC), IED, LCP and WI regulations
  • One of the largest shares in the market for the validation/calibration of continuous emission monitors (CEMS) to BS EN 14181 and BS EN 13284-2, including QAL2, AST and Linearity Testing
  • MCERTS accreditation to EN 15267-3 to meet the requirements of performance standards and test procedures for continuous emission monitoring systems (gaseous, particulate and flow-rate) in the field
  • Advice on emission abatement, process optimisation and state-of-the-art process monitoring techniques
  • Process efficiency trials (commissioning and optimisation)
  • Turbine and burner optimisation
  • Comprehensive data analysis interpretation and reporting
  • Training and guidance for operators in relation to MCERTS requirements, BS EN 14181 requirements, permitting queries and operator monitoring assessment (OMA)
  • UKAS accredited analytical laboratories for stack testing samples

NPL offers much more than stack testing - for example, we have close links with the industry, trade association and regulators, and represent UK interests at CEN, influencing existing and developing new methods along with validating European and National standards

Download our flyers detailing NPL's stack services:

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Customer enquiry line: 020 8943 8681

Last Updated: 29 Jun 2015
Created: 5 Nov 2013


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