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NPL undertakes a range of instrument development projects, building on expertise in applying optical and analytical techniques to atmospheric monitoring.

NPL can:

  • Offer scientific input to all stages of instrument development
  • Exploit our industrial and scientific field measurement experience
  • Provide complete instrument development, or partner in commercial projects

Areas of application include atmospheric monitoring, industrial emissions monitoring, and homeland security applications. Successful instrument development projects include:

  • Ground-based differential absorption lidar for pollution monitoring
  • Balloon-borne tuneable diode laser systems for stratospheric research

We specialise in the application and development of optical spectroscopic techniques, including lidar, differential absorption lidar (DIAL), tuneable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS), Fourier transform infrared (FTIR).

NPL also applies its expertise to support the development of new techniques for emissions monitoring, and has a number of test facilities, which available to aid instrument R&D.

NPL has a successful track record of moving research instrument techniques to the field, including the development of instruments for balloon and aircraft platforms.

Closely linked to the development of novel instrumentation is the range of calibration and validation services, which are offered to underpin new technologies.

Our current instrument portfolio includes:

NPL also has MCERTS accredited emissions monitoring teams - further details


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