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Environmental Research and Policy

Through its role within UK Government, NPL represents the UK on numerous technical standardisation committees within ISO and CEN. NPL actively participates on the development of CEN standards for emissions monitoring, long path optical techniques, diffusive sampling and particulate, metals and benzene monitoring. This provides a broad knowledge of international measurement issues, and also extra familiarity with the writing of technical standards and protocols suitable for regulatory purposes.

NPL inputs into the BSI committees and subcommittees involved with gas analysis and air quality and provides technical expertise to the sub-groups of these formed to define a clearer view of international standardisation and to ensure UK interests are addressed successfully.

NPL works with government and regulatory agencies, including Defra and the Environment Agencies of England Wales and Scotland, to define better measurement procedures in upcoming legislation and from CEN standards.

NPL also has close links with the Environment Agency and provides technical advice on European regulatory issues including the Large Combustion Plant and Waste Incineration Directives. NPL were involved with the establishment of the Environment Agency's MCERTS scheme for stack emissions monitoring instrumentation, ambient air quality monitors and the manual stack emissions certification of personnel.


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