National Physical Laboratory

Environmental Consultancy

NPL is aware of the wide range of practical issues faced by industry to meet the challenge of improving environmental performance.

Environmental Consultancy

NPL offers a complete range of solutions from long-term routine point sampling to state-of-the-art atmospheric surveys using remote sensing techniques such as differential absorption lidar. NPL's unique combination of staff and equipment make it one of the premier environmental measurement facilities in Europe. All measurements undertaken are of the highest quality and underpinned by accurate calibration techniques with traceability to international standards. NPL can:

  • Design and undertake industrial and urban air pollution surveys to meet EU Directive requirements
  • Develop and implement new measurement protocols
  • Carry out site and operation audits
  • Advise on CEN standards requirements
  • Research into novel techniques and instrumentation for pollution monitoring
  • Train local staff to carry out day-to-day monitoring functions
  • Design and optimise fixed air-quality monitoring networks
  • Negotiate with local authorities and the UK Environment Agency

NPL has been pioneering environmental measurements for over 25 years and has a comprehensive portfolio of expertise and measurement techniques designed to solve real life industry problems.


Customer enquiry line: 020 8943 6275

Last Updated: 18 Aug 2015
Created: 17 Apr 2007


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