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High-accuracy Co-ordinate Metrology of Small Components – Micro CMM

Micro CMM 

NPL has increased its micro co-ordinate metrology capabilities in direct response to the extreme demands of quality assurance for the measurement of size, form and position of microsystem parts.

Micro-scale components are increasingly found in critical applications within the automotive, aerospace and medical industries. NPL has introduced a service based upon a commercially available, small component Coordinate Measuring Machine (µCMM) for measuring and validating these precision components.

Such components include: micro electromechanical systems (MEMS), microfluidic devices and products from the semiconductor, medical, energy, automotive, aerospace and optical industries.

The µCMM has been designed specifically for the measurement of small, delicate parts. Precision machine drives and kinematics, combined with high accuracy probing systems enables us to achieve an accuracy of 250 nm within a measurement volume of 100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm.

The µCMM is one of a suite of high tech measurement systems funded through the Centre of Excellence in Metrology for Micro and Nano Technologies (CEMMNT) consortium, to address the measurement, characterisation and system engineering challenges arising in companies developing products or processes involving micro- and nano-technologies.

If you require measurement support for component inspection, product development or analysis, please contact our customer services team to discuss your specific requirements.

Key features of µCMM

Touch scanning probe (3D)

  • Single point and scanning operation
  • 125 μm or 300 μm diameter probe ball
  • Low probing force (0.5 mN)
  • CMM specification: (0.25 + L/666) μm (L = measuring length in mm)
  • 100 mm x 100 mm x 100 mm measurement volume

Optical probe (2D)

  • ViScan camera sensor combined with high quality objective lens (x10)
  • µCMM specification: (0.4 + L/666) μm
  • Can be used in conjunction with touch probe

Measurement service at NPL

NPL offers a bespoke measurement service for customers who require high accuracy measurement of artefacts or components

Our measurement capability includes:

  • Dimension, form, position, orientation (including uncertainty of measurement)
  • Measurement of artefacts from a CAD model
  • Customer-defined measurements
  • Interpretation of drawings and dimensional tolerances
  • Consultancy on good measurement practice

Typical measurement applications:

Automotive, aerospace and medical, microsystem components, micro-channels and nozzles, micro-wave components, micro-optical components, micro-injection moulded components and injection moulds, high aspect ratio micro-structures.

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Last Updated: 31 Jul 2017
Created: 1 Dec 2009


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