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Extensometer calibration rigs - calibration and adjustment

Extensometer calibration rig

Material properties are vital in the design and manufacturing of all component parts. Extensometers are used to measure strain during testing enabling materials properties such as tensile strength, and modulus of elasticity to be determined.

To ensure repeatability and confidence in the test data extensometers are calibrated in extensometer calibration rigs. Extensometer Calibration Rig calibration certificates provide traceability to national standards and a classification or grading to standards BS EN ISO 9513 and ASTM E 83.

NPL provides the following Extensometer Calibration Rig services:

  • UKAS accredited calibration of extensometer calibration rigs in both compression and tension directions to BS EN ISO 9513 and ASTM E 83
  • Realignment and adjustments that may improve BS EN ISO 9513 and ASTM E 83 classifications
  • Spares and repair


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