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3D Scanner Characterisation Facility

3D Scanner Characterisation Facility - Fig 1

3D Scanner Characterisation Facility - Fig 2

3D Scanner Characterisation Facility - Fig 3

3D optical scanners are becoming standard sights in the development and production of industrial products. Certain surfaces, geometries and environmental conditions are challenging for such scanners to measure accurately, resulting in unreliable dimensional data. NPL's 3D Optical Scanner Characterisation Facility can help determine the impact these factors may have on scanner performance.

NPL's 3D Optical Scanner Characterisation Facility has been developed for all new and existing users of 3D optical scanners interested in independently verifying their scanners' performance. Manufacturer specifications often quote maximum performance values in ideal conditions rather than real situations.

NPL's 3D Scanner Characterisation Facility comprises an environmentally controlled laboratory, with test procedures and artefacts designed to assess performance of fringe projection and articulating arm, laser line scan systems under typical usage conditions. Investigations include:

  • Production line lighting and temperature
  • Dimensional sensitivity to surface finish
  • Scanner resolution
  • Measurement quality from typical aerospace and automotive materials
  • Optimum laser scanning articulating arm scan velocity, scan height and joint encoder angle

Existing users can have their scanner put through its paces to confirm it meets their accuracy requirements. Prospective users can have several scanners assessed to help make an informed decision as to which would be most suitable for their application. The facility is also available for scanner manufacturers interested in having their capability claims independently verified by NPL.


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