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Electrochemical Assay Development

Electrochemical assay development 

Electrochemical measurement techniques have always been an attractive option in bio-diagnostics. This is because electrochemical methods are relatively unaffected by turbid samples such as whole blood, unlike optical systems that require a sample clean up prior to measurement.

The advantages of electrochemical systems have been clearly demonstrated by the market dominance of the electrochemical glucose sensor.

The main problem with electrochemical detection of biomolecules is the relatively poor sensitivity compared with optical techniques.

NPL has successfully developed an in-house electrochemical sensor that ensured:

  • A number of key problems were overcome during this development period, meaning we are well-placed to help companies developing similar assays for a wide range of targets and applications

The areas we can help with are:

  • Quality control of metal nanoparticle – antibody conjugates by measuring their immunoactivity

  • Assay construction for many different analytes in many different matrices


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Last Updated: 18 Aug 2015
Created: 7 May 2009


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