National Physical Laboratory

Biacore Assay Development

Epitope mapping 

We are able to offer assay development using the Biacore SPR platform. Using our experience we can develop novel assays or transfer existing assays on other platforms such as ELISA over onto the SPR platform.

We use the Biacore T100 instrument for assay development. This system provides a number of unique features that facilitate rapid assay optimisation such as:

  • Buffer scouting

  • Temperature control up to 40 °C

  • Real time data evaluation

Once optimised, we are able to offer an assay validation service, where we will investigate the typical criteria such as accuracy, precision, limits of detection and limits of quantitation, specificity, dynamic range, stability and assay robustness.


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Last Updated: 18 Aug 2015
Created: 7 May 2009


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