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Antibody pairing and epitope specificity analysis

Antibody pairing and Epitope mapping 

Using the Biacore platform and other immunological techniques data for the optimum selection of antibodies can be obtained for various diagnostic applications. The Biacore platform allows real time analysis of antibody binding to immobilised targets, allowing binding profiles and binding affinities to be determined.

Examples of applications include:

  • Antibody epitope specificity analysis can be used to identify epitope regions on the target molecule using multiple antibodies, allowing screening and selection of the best antibody based on target region and affinity.

For diagnostic applications the selection of antibody pairs can be optimised based on binding kinetics in a sandwich format. For POC applications selection of appropriate capture and detection antibodies are vital for rapid and reproducible detection of analytes.


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Last Updated: 18 Aug 2015
Created: 7 May 2009


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