National Physical Laboratory

Mathematics, Modelling & Simulation

Modelling is an important activity at NPL, helping us to design and better understand measurement systems.

Often, a mathematical model is used to characterise the relationship between a number of variables in the system. The complexity of the model function can range from a simple polynomial function to requiring the solution of a differential equation. Given both the model function and information about the inputs to the system, the response of the system may be predicted.

The capabilities within the group include: model development; curve and surface fitting, and feature extraction; signal processing; numerical approximation methods for solution of differential equations; uncertainty evaluation; and software and database development. We use a range of commercial and in-house packages and can develop tailor-made solutions for challenging problems.

News & Events

NPL has been certified to TickITplus by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).

21 April 2015: Novel mathematical and statistical approaches to uncertainty evaluation: workshop and training course - Join leading mathematicians, statisticians and applications experts from Europe's National Measurement Institutes in Gothenburg, Sweden, for three days of training courses, workshops, lectures and laboratory visits.

Prof Alistair Forbes has been awarded the Alec Hough-Grassby Memorial Award of the Institute of Measurement and Control

NPL is using supercomputers at the STFC Hartree Centre to develop a new framework for accurate materials simulation.