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Monte Carlo Workshop and MCNEG 2004

 Monte Carlo simulation of the NPL linear accelerator 

10th UK Monte Carlo User Group Meeting (MCNEG 2004)

15 - 16 March 2004

Aimed at both novice and advanced users of MCNP, EGS and other radiation transport codes, the MCNEG 2004 meeting provided delegates with the opportunity to present and discuss their applications of Monte Carlo in radiotherapy, radiation protection, the nuclear and other industries. The meeting had the same informal format as used successfully in previous meetings with extensive discussions and feedback on recent topics in these areas of Monte Carlo. There were also tours of the new state-of the-art radiation facilities at NPL.

The abstracts and slides for all the presentations at MCNEG 2004 are available below:

Download the abstract book (PDF File 266 KB)

Day 1

Welcome to NPL   Slides [816k]  Martyn Sené
 (NPL, UK)
Session 1 - Chair: Graeme Taylor (NPL)
Transmutation Feature Within MCNPX


Slides [1.3M]  Gregg W. McKinney
Three Dimensional Dosimetry Analyses In Radionuclide Therapy Using IDL And MCNP-based Software Tools


Slides [1.4M]  Michael G. Stabin
 (Vanderbilt University, USA)
Shielding calculations in the Core Unloading Device area of the PBMR reactor


Slides [241k]  Vuyani M. P. Xulubana
 (NECSA, South Africa)
MCFANG - A Monte Carlo Forward Adjoint Neutron Gamma code


Slides [373k]  Pat Cowan
 (Secro Assurance, UK)
Systematic error in pebble's modelling


Slides [456k]  Sergio A. Korochinsky
 (NECSA, South Africa)
Session 2 - Chair: Geraint Lewis (Velindre Hospital, UK)
Application of Monte Carlo to Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy


Slides [2.3M]  Jeffrey V. Siebers
 (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA)
Monte Carlo commissioning of photon beams in medical LINACS using wide-field profiles in a water phantom


Slides [3.2M]  Javier Pena García
 (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
Use of Monte Carlo simulation to assist in the removal of scatter in quantitative computed radiographic imaging


Slides [396k]  Gail Johnston
 (Forster Green Hospital, N. Ireland)

 Day 2

Session 3 - Chair: Henry Lawrence (Bristol Oncology Centre, UK)
Fast treatment head simulations for photon beams


Slides [619k]  Iwan Kawrakow
 (NRCC, Canada)
Monte Carlo Simulation of Large Electron Fields at Extended Distances


Slides [982k]  Parvaneh Shokrani
 (Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Iran)
Use of the BEAM Monte Carlo Code to calculate surface doses for breast radiotherapy


Slides [321k]  Karen Venables
 (Mount Vernon Hospital , UK)
Inelastic nuclear interactions in Monte Carlo simulations for clinical proton beams


Slides [283k]  Hugo Palmans
 (NPL, UK)
Application of Monte Carlo to Four Dimensional Radiotherapy


Slides [3.2M]  Jeffrey V. Siebers
 (Virginia Commonwealth University, USA)
Monte Carlo modelling of a medical linear accelerator and asymmetric field head scatter


Slides [284k]   Olivia F. Naismith
 (St. Mary's Hospital, UK)
Inter-comparison of electron Monte Carlo dose calculations for EGSnrc, GEANT and Penelope


Slides [1.9M]   Joao Seco
 (Royal Marsden Hospital, UK)
 Session 4 - Chair: Alan DuSautoy (NPL)
A parallel implementation of GEANT4 application using OOMPI


Slides [1.1M]  Luis Augusto Perles
 (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil)
Distributing EGS across the NPL United Devices grid


Slides [833k]  Simon Duane
 (NPL, UK)
GRID-enabling BEAMnrc and "first-class" particle transport


Slides [710k]  Mary Chin
 (Velindre Hospital, UK)
A simulation for the METAS electron beam primary standard dosimeter


Slides [1.4M]  Sandor Vörös
 (METAS, Switzerland)
EGSnrc in the cell nucleus


Slides [329k]  Richard P. Hugtenburg
 (University of Birmingham, UK)


NPL Workshop on Monte Carlo codes

17 - 18 March 2004

Monte Carlo simulation of an ionisation chamber A two-day workshop devoted to some of the most popular Monte Carlo radiation transport codes in use was held at NPL immediately after the MCNEG 2004 meeting. The workshop included sessions on the following codes:

  • EGSnrc
  • GEANT4

Each code session included one or more presentations by key developers that covered the important features, capabilities, recent developments and future plans for each code, as well as one or more specific applications. At the end of each day, there was also an open-house session with both developers and delegates demonstrating their codes and applications.

Welcome (International Perspective) Slides [816k]  Seton Bennett
 (NPL, UK)
Code Session 1

EGSnrc: A coupled Electron-Photon transport code

Overview [69k]
Description and Applications [288k]
 Iwan Kawrakow
 (NRCC, Canada)
Code Session 2

MCBEND: A code for Neutron, Gamma and Electron transport in sub-critical systems

Overview [575k]
Applications [733k]
 Pat Cowan and Adam Bird
 (Secro Assurance, UK)
Code Session 3

GEANT: A High Energy Physics all particle transport code

Tutorial [4.1M]
Brachytherapy application [718k]
 Susanna Guatelli
 (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Italy)


Code Session 4

MCNPX: A fully coupled N-Particle transport code

Overview [194k]
Physics [459k]
Paper: MCNP4B electron upgrade [9.5M]
 Gregg W. McKinney
Code Session 5

PTRAN: A proton transport code through extended media

Overview [934k]
Description and Applications [579k]
 Hugo Palmans
 (NPL, UK)


Travel bursaries

Two travel bursaries were awarded for these events:

Luis Augusto Perles (University of San Paulo, Brazil) was awarded the MCNEG travel bursary of £350 and presented a paper entitled A parallel implementation of a GEANT4 application using OOMPI at the meeting.

Javier Pena García (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain) was awarded a travel bursary of £300 kindly provided by the Institute of Physics Medical Physics Group. He presented a paper entitled Monte Carlo commissioning of photon beams in medical LINACS using wide-field profiles in a water phantom also at the MCNEG 2004 meeting.

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