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RF & Microwave Instrumentation

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RF & Microwave

NPL can provide instrumentation for RF and microwave primary standards, secondary calibration systems and reference standards covering the kHz to THz frequency. NPL’s instruments are traceable with leading edge accuracy and can be supplied with instrument control software and specialised metrology training.


NPL has on-site expertise in basic theory, electromagnetic and thermal simulation, uncertainty evaluation, standards compliance and practical use of similar instrumentation to obtain the best possible measurements. 

Our RF and Microwave instrumentation is used in National Measurement Institutes and top-level calibration laboratories worldwide.  RF & Microwave instrumentation can be checked directly against NPL's own primary standards throughout the construction process to help obtain the best possible final system performance.

NPL’s RF and Microwave scientists develop custom-built instruments for their own research.  These can be adapted and optimised to meet customer’s specific and operational requirements. RF and Microwave instrumentation can also be supported with custom designed training and installation packages.

Equipment Range

The equipment we make ranges from individual artefacts with calculable properties to large systems featuring many different instruments, controlled using specialist software. Equipment can be supplied with appropriate calibration certificates traceable to SI base units along with operational procedure documents. Other instrumentation can be designed for individual customer requirements, please contact the instrumentation team.


Electro-Optic Devices

Terahertz (THz)

Guide Wave

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)

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