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Mechanical Coupler Calibration System

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Mechanical Coupler Calibration System

Bone conduction systems for calibration of audiometers themselves require calibration on a regular basis. They are particularly sensitive to the relative alignment of the mechanical coupler with the impedance head and therefore require a well designed calibration system and a skilled operator.

This system is used for the calibration of mechanical couplers, which are in turn used to calibrate audiometric bone conduction calibration systems, typically comprising an IEC 60318-6 Artificial Mastoid (also referred to as a Mechanical Coupler) and an analyser or sound level meter. The system response to 30 dB RETFL (BS EN 389-3) is determined by delivering a known force level to the artificial mastoid under test. The mechanical impedance of the artificial mastoid is also measured, to ensure compliance with IEC 60318-6.

Uncertainty in impedance of artificial mastoid is 0.4 dB

Uncertainty of bone conduction calibration is 0.4 dB

Fully compliant with IEC 60318-6

System can be modified according to the requirements of the user

Supplied with full documentation, uncertainty analysis, and suggested measurement procedure

Training and support is provided by the scientists and developers

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