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Acoustics Instrumentation

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Acoustics Instrumentation

NPL scientists work closely with industry and academia, and the varied nature of our capabilities enables us to formulate detailed and often unique solutions to customer acoustic measurement and instrumentation problems.

We provide world-class standards for measurement and calibration, and key expertise in measurement related research and development covering the fields of ultrasonics (medical and industrial) and underwater acoustics.

Our instrumentation has been tailored for our own research needs but can be developed to meet customers' specific metrology requirements. NPL instrumentation provides customers with reliability and world-leading traceability in their metrology. Additionally, NPL has developed several ultrasound-related products and these are available from our ultrasound partner organisation, Precision Acoustics Limited.

Also, our leading measurement scientists can provide bespoke, customised training courses for underwater acoustics and ultrasound to help customers gain the maximum utilisation of our instrumentation:

Acoustic Output Characterisation Systems for Medical Ultrasound Equipment

Primary Standard Ultrasonic Radiation Force Balance

Thermal Test Objects

Tissue Mimicking Materials

Surface Temperature Test Phantom

NPL licensed technologies available through Precision Acoustics:

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