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We provide confidence in our instruments through traceability.

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NPL's ability to deliver instruments based on our leading measurement research enables organisations to streamline processes, and overcome manufacturing and production challenges, and enables innovation.

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European Space Agency

NPL built one of the most advanced micro-vibration platforms in the world for ESA's main test centre in the Netherlands. This enables satellite design teams to validate components and is directly contributing to the performance of future European satellite missions.

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NPL built an advanced lab-on-wheels called 'DIAL' which measures emissions of airborne atmospheric pollutants. It has been used by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) as a research tool to monitor landfill sites across the UK to provide reliable methane emission monitoring from operational and closed sites.

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Caesium fountain – one of the world's most accurate clocks

NPL's primary frequency standard for the measurement of time is a significant technical achievement, accurate to one second in 158 million years. This is used by NPL and being delivered to National Metrology Institutes around the world to provide leading-edge time capability, and directly contributes to the world's timescale.

Digitizer for power quality monitoring

NPL has developed a highly-accurate electrical measurement unit to measure in real time the quality of power being distributed over electrical grids. A test is currently ongoing on Bornholm Island, Denmark, to prove the technology for future use in power grid monitoring.

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