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Hydrogen car and refuelling station Hydrogen refuelling station

The new hydrogen vehicle fuelling station opened at NPL in May 2016

To sell this technology we need to show Londoners and the wider world that it is not science fiction. By building the vehicles and the filling stations and allowing people to kick the tyres we will be able to demonstrate that hydrogen is a viable option and that London is at the forefront of efforts to make it so.

Boris Johnson
Mayor of London


There is no evidence to suggest that hydrogen is more dangerous than conventional fuels in general, and some evidence that it is safer.

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Hydrogen-fuelled cars produce no harmful exhaust emissions - only water vapour. They have the potential to be more than twice as fuel-efficient as petrol or diesel cars and operate very quietly.

The Hydrogen for Innovative Vehicles (HyFIVE) project has been launched across major cities in Europe, including Copenhagen, Munich and London. BMW, Daimler, Honda, Hyundai and Toyota are deploying over a hundred fuel cell vehicles and the project will develop the hydrogen refuelling stations needed to serve them.

The Mayor of London's Office is coordinating the multimillion pound project.

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Proposed site

Hydrogen station proposed site map

The site is located off Dora Jordan Road, Teddington (shown with a red box on the above map). The location is part of the NPL site owned by The Crown Estate.


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