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NPL is interested in your views on a number of topics. Your input will enable us to tailor our work to bring the greatest benefit to users.

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Help us shape new Metrology Apprenticeships (15 mins)

The objective of this survey is to ensure that the draft Level 5 Senior Metrology Technician apprenticeship standard is fit for purpose and contains all the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours that apprentices need to prepare them to work as Senior Metrology Technicians of the future. Please give us your views on the draft standard.

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Do you employ post-doctoral and post-masters level employees? (10 mins)

The Postgraduate Institute for measurement science works with over 30 UK universities and brings together more than 150 postgraduate researchers. We are interested in gaps in both technical and non-technical skills. Please give us your views.

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Are you involved with the analysis of Nanomaterials? (10 mins)

We are seeking your input in order to help shape the future measurement of Nanomaterials in the UK.

Find out more about Nanomaterials Characterisation at NPL.

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Measurement Needs (5 mins)

Please tell us about any measurement needs you may have. Some examples of these might be:

  • Issues relating to product inspection
  • Issues relating to process control
  • Training requirements
  • Obtaining specialist calibration or testing support
  • Problem solving on measurement issues
  • Demonstrating or assessing measurement systems or product performance

Your input will help us to develop our future work.

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Why do we want your input?

As a current or potential user of NPL services, your views are important to us. With input from people and organisations external to NPL, we can further develop our work in order to best fulfil customer needs.

What will NPL do with the information?

After the survey closes, we will analyse the data received. Your individual responses to surveys will be kept confidential and we will not make any personal or organisational information available to anyone without your knowledge, except as required by law. We may share the data collected in an anonymised format with relevant interested third parties; however, we will not sell the information provided to us to any third party. Your decisions about participating in a survey, responding to specific questions, or discontinuing participation will be respected without question.

Occasionally, we may wish to contact you by telephone or email in order to validate or follow up your response and gather further information regarding your organisation's needs. However, you may select to opt out of this at the end of the survey.

What happens after a survey closes?

After the closing date of the survey, the data received will be analysed.

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Please note that the information will not be divulged to third parties, or used without your permission