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NPL is interested in your views on a number of topics. Your input will enable us to tailor our work to bring the greatest benefit to users.

Open Consultations

Standardisation needs in Graphene and other 2D materials (15 mins)

As part of ISO nanotechnologies standardisation activities, a survey on standardisation needs in graphene and other 2D material has been launched.

The aim is to identify topics, the timescale in which standards need to be developed and the priority for such standards. The survey is split into different areas covering graphene; other 2D materials; printed graphene films; heterostructured 2D materials; and environmental, health and safety (EHS) standards.

The survey has been initiated by the strategy study group of the joint working group on nanotechnologies measurement and characterization (JWG2 of ISO TC229/IEC TC113). The aim is to determine standardisation needs in graphene and other 2D materials. The survey is suitable for all individual users of these materials (industry, academics, producers, etc.).

This is your chance to influence the direction and priority of the development of standards in graphene and other 2D materials.

This survey will close on 19 December 2014

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Product Verification Roadmap (10 mins)

If you have an interest in measurement in Advanced Manufacturing, we would like to hear your views.

NPL has led a Roadmapping activity as part of the National Product Verification Programme to identify what needs to be done to increase product verification capability in UK Advanced Manufacturing supply chain companies to world-class standards over two, five and ten years.

We would like your feedback on the Roadmap outputs, and how the Roadmap programme ideas can be implemented to maximum effect

This survey will close on 30 January 2015

Further information about product verification

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Dimensional good practice guides and training (10 mins)

Do you have an interest in Dimensional measurement?

NPL is looking into future requirements for Dimensional good practice guidance and training courses, and would like your view.

The research within this EURAMET joint research project receives funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme, ERA-NET Plus, under Grant Agreement No. 217257.

This survey will close on 31 January 2015

Find out more about Dimensional Good Practice Guides and NPL Training courses

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Relevance of environmental sustainability assessments in the electronics sector (10 mins)

We would like your views on the important factors to consider when making a product-related business decision, with a particular emphasis on environmental assessment.

This survey will close on 31 January 2015

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Measurement Needs (5 mins)

Please tell us about any measurement needs you may have. Some examples of these might be:

  • Issues relating to product inspection
  • Issues relating to process control
  • Training requirements
  • Obtaining specialist calibration or testing support
  • Problem solving on measurement issues
  • Demonstrating or assessing measurement system or product performance

Your input will help us to develop our future work.

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Why do we want your input?

As a current or potential user of NPL services, your views are important to us. With input from people and organisations external to NPL, we can further develop our work in order to best fulfil customer needs.

What will NPL do with the information?

After the survey closes, we will analyse the data received. Your individual responses to surveys will be kept confidential and we will not make any personal or organisational information available to anyone without your knowledge, except as required by law. We may share the data collected in an anonymised format with relevant interested third parties; however, we will not sell the information provided to us to any third party. Your decisions about participating in a survey, responding to specific questions, or discontinuing participation will be respected without question.

Occasionally, we may wish to contact you by telephone or email in order to validate or follow up your response and gather further information regarding your organisation's needs. However, you may select to opt out of this at the end of the survey.

What happens after a survey closes?

After the closing date of the survey, the data received will be analysed.

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