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Grand Challenge: Advisory Board

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To help us deliver the aims of our Grand Challenge project, including to maximise translation into clinical practices and leave a lasting legacy, we have established an international Advisory Board that will provide independent strategic advice and support. Its membership has been drawn from the highest levels of industry, government, charity and academia, both in the UK and internationally, and will challenge the Grand Challenge team, as well as champion the project externally.

The purpose of the Advisory Board is to:

  • Oversee the direction of the project by providing advice, recommendations and a wide perspective of needs
  • Provide appropriate challenge to ensure the project delivers an ambitious programme on the grand scale required
  • Provide opportunities for patients, oncologists and those driving cancer strategy nationally and internationally to help form and prioritise plans
  • Champion the project externally to maximise the outcomes, impact and a lasting legacy

Grand Challenge Advisory Board at the first meeting in May 2017
(Left to right: Kate Goldman-Toomey, Laxmi Parida, Harry Hall, Fiona Carragher, Willie May, Ed Parsons, John Jeans)

Advisory Board Members

Dr Fiona Carragher (Chair)
NHS England

Kate Goldman-Toomey

Harry Hall
Imperial Healthcare Colorectal Cancer Patient User Group

John Jeans
Imanova and Digital Health & Care Institute

Prof Jim Al-Khalili
University of Surrey

Dr Laxmi Parida
IBM research

Ed Parsons

Andrew Cohen
BBC Studios

Dr Willie E. May
National Institute of Standards and Technology (emeritus) and University of Maryland

Prof Eyal Gottlieb
Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute and Israel Institute of Technology



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