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The Surrey Space Centre is a world-leading Centre of Excellence in Space Engineering, underpinning the technical development of the space industry through its advanced research programmes.

The Surrey Space Centre remain the world's leading research centre for small, low cost space missions, generating leading research and bringing innovation to our spin-out company SSTL and pushing the boundaries of low cost small satellite applications to develop next generation low cost small satellite technologies.

The Centre provides well focused space engineering undergraduate, postgraduate and industrial short courses, training the next generation space scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and business leaders. The academic research laboratories cover advanced multidisciplinary small satellite and space system engineering techniques for Earth orbit and interplanetary space; innovative communications, remote sensing, robotics and space science payloads for small satellites; and enabling technologies for low cost space exploitation and planetary exploration.

With 10 academic staff, 11 research fellows and over 60 postgraduate researchers, the Centre develops new innovative technologies which are exploited by the space industry and also have a large body of PhD, academic and industrial research, with a direct route through SSTL for rapid commercialisation.

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National Physical Laboratory

Working with business and industry, NPL's Research and Development programmes focus on identifying and addressing customer needs. This ensures our expertise and knowledge is always relevant and easily applied by our partners.

For over 40 years, NPL has worked with space companies and agencies, providing innovation in measurement research, technology and services. NPL's collaborates with people around the world who want to use technology to explore the Universe, monitor the Earth or communicate globally.

Testing, validation and calibration form a major part of every mission build, operation and the provision of downstream services, where high value satellites are required to be launched and then operated for up to 30 years without maintenance or repair. This drives the need for satellite technologies to be 'right first time' with rigorous testing and validation programmes carried out on every component for every mission, to ensure survival in the extremely harsh space environment.

NPL carries out space research, consultancy and technology development within Earth Observation, Navigation, Telecommunications, Astronomy and Space Exploration; helping organisations improve their quality systems, reducing the cost of testing or increasing the credibility of the services they provide.

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